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Penghu Ocean Resource Museum

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About the hall
Penghu is a place with a long history, nice people, and abundant marine resources. When the Council for Cultural affairs, Executive Yuan, announced to assist county and city cultural centers in building museums that featured local cultures, Penghu County Government decided to set up a museum that would feature Penghu’s marine resources.
In 1987, the Council for Cultural affairs commissioned Dr. Chang Kuan-hsiung, member of the Institute of Zoology, academia Sinica to take charge of the planning of the project. the exhibition of the museum was to highlight local marine resources and cultural characteristics. In 1994, the Cultural affairs Bureau commissioned Jyun-han Design and Construction to design the museum building. With the help of Dr. Cheng Ming-hsiu, the first phase (Gallery a) of the project was completed by the end of 1994 and Gallery a was opened to the public. In 1995, Cultural affairs Bureau continued to raise fund for the construction of the second and third phases of the project (Gallery B). In addition to the NT$ 3,75 million allotted by Penghu County Government, the project was subsidized 10 million NT dollars by the Council for Cultural affairs. the design of the project was commissioned in December1995 and finished in May 1996. In October 1996, Penghu Enterprise Limited Company won the construction tender. the project was completed in March 1997. and on april 12, Gallery B was opened.
Gallery a presents thirteen themes with photo explanations, outlining the marine culture of Penghu. Exhibitions in Gallery B focus real-life settings and present the abundant marine resources of Penghu. the two galleries allow visitors to form a more complete picture of the marine culture of Penghu. Special thanks should be given to local professionals for their brainstorming and joint efforts that have made the development, opening, and operation of the museum possible.